“Our hope and prayer is that something good comes from the suffering of all these children. Because they are worth more than this! They are valuable. Each one, no matter what they’ve done, is redeemable. Even an adult’s life is redeemable. But the child! How much more redemption can we offer them? Their brain’s still developing, they’re still growing, they’re still learning, they’re teachable. We should give them hope… That’s my hope, that we will give these kids hope, and a future.”

Kelly's Story

Kelly Greer is the stepmother of a child named Vince who, a week after he turned 15 years old, had a psychotic break that resulted in a shooting attack on his parents. His father survived, his mother died. Kelly shares her story of the trauma and grief this family experienced as the boy was transferred to adult court and sentenced to life without parole.

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