"Stories are the shortest distance between us and truth."

Sharing stories brings people together, raises awareness about important issues, and gives you a voice in the public discourse about juvenile justice. Our goal is for your voices to be counted & heard. As this collection of stories grows, it will bring to light multiple perspectives about the specific issues that young people and families are facing in juvenile systems across the country. If you have a story to tell, we hope that you will share it with The Juvenile Project.

How to share your story.

There are three ways that you can share your story: You can send us an email, call The Juvenile Project voicemail and leave a message, or tell us in person.

If you email or call, please make sure to tell us your name, agewhere you live (neighborhood/city, state), and phone number (with area code).  If you send an email, feel free to include a picture of yourself, so we can post it with your story. Keep in mind that if you are under 18, we will need your parent/guardian permission to post your story. Once we receive your message, we will follow up with you to secure those permissions prior to sharing your story.

Email Your Story: hello@thejuvenileproject.com
Record Your Story on The Juvenile Project voicemail: (901) 654-5878

If you would like to record your story in person, please contact us. For our documentary feature research, we are currently conducting background interviews in states across the country, and there is a chance that we might be traveling to your area sometime this year. Let us know briefly about the story you would like to share (in 2-3 sentences). We will respond to let you know if we are making plans to be in your area, and if so, when we could schedule an in-person interview.